Center Description

The Center for Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders at the Fondazione Ca' Granda General Hospital of Milan is part of the Neurosciences and Mental Health Department. It provides care for patients with Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders both through special clinics (2,000 patients examined each month) and through ordinary hospitalization in the Neurology ward (25 beds).

Department Director and Staff


The Center's director is Alessio Di Fonzo, who earned his undergraduate degree in Medicine and Surgery and specialized in Neurology at the University of Milan. He completed his PhD in Medical Genetics at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. He coordinates the Parkinson's and Movement Disorders group of the Neurology department, the clinics dedicated to Parkinson's disease and genetic/molecular and cellular research activities with the aim of identifying the causes and mechanisms responsible for Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders.

Neurology Staff

  • Dr. Alessio Di Fonzo, MD, PhD - Neurologist, Director
  • Prof. Nereo Bresolin, MD - Neurologist
  • Dr. Emanuele Frattini, MD
  • Dr. Edoardo Monfrini, MD
  • Dr.ssa Giulia Franco, MD
  • Dr.ssa Ilaria Trezzi, MD

Neurophysiology Staff

  • Dr. Filippo Cojamanian, MD - Neurologist
  • Dr. Gianluca Ardolino, MD - Neurologist
  • Dr.ssa Linda Borellini, MD - Neurologist
  • Dr. Sergio Barbieri, MD - Neurologist

Neuropsychology Staff

  • Dr.ssa Francesca Mameli - Psychologist
  • Dr.ssa Roberta Ferrucci - Psychologist
  • Dr.ssa Fabiana Ruggiero - Psychologist
  • Dr.ssa Stella Minella - Psychologist, Music therapist

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Centro per la Malattia di Parkinson e i Disordini del Movimento
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