Center Description

Santa Maria della Misericordia Hospital, which includes the Department of Medicine of the University of Perugia, is a specialist facility capable of serving a broad area of the Umbria region, and due to its high technological level and the experience of its staff, it is also a referral center for patients from beyond the region.

Among its various specialties, the Neurology Clinic includes the Movement Disorders Center, which was founded in 2005 and is one of the most important in central Italy. The Center's staff provide clinical care to patients with movement disorders: Parkinson's disease, choreic disorders, ataxias, and dystonias. Its clinical care work is integrated with its clinical and preclinical research work. The Experimental Neurology laboratories are a point of reference for preclinical research and are integrated with those of Neuroanatomy, Neurophysiology, and Neurochemistry within the Neurosciences division at the University of Perugia. Its research activities include molecular and synaptic analysis of brain plasticity in genetic and pathogenetic models of movement disorders using electrophysiological experimentation, optogenetics, and behavioral analyses. In order to adequately support patients and their families, the Parkinsonian Union of Perugia was founded in 2006. The association is representative throughout Umbria in providing patients with a multidisciplinary approach (physical and psychological training, speech therapy, occupational therapy, motor learning programs).

Center Director and Staff


The Director of the Complex of the Neurology Clinic and the Experimental Neurology Laboratories at the University of Perugia is Paolo Calabresi, Full Professor of Neurology. He coordinates a clinical and preclinical research group comprising about 45 people and is the Scientific Coordinator of the Postgraduate Research Program in Molecular Medicine and of the Masters Program in Neurology at the University of Perugia. Over the last two decades he has devoted himself to research, investigating the synaptic communication between the cerebral cortex and the basal ganglia, with particular interest in the study of the corticostriatal synapses and their activity-dependent plasticity.

Staff Physicians

  • Prof. Paolo Calabresi - Director of the Neurology Clinic Complex
  • Prof. Lucilla Parnetti, MD, PhD - Neurologist and Director of the Movement Disorders Center


Dr. Nicola Tambasco, MD, PhD
- Neurologist and Director of the
Memory Disorders Center

Experimental Neurology Laboratories

  • Prof. Alessandro Tozzi, PhD
  • Prof. Veronica Ghiglieri, PhD
  • Dr.ssa Cinzia Costa, MD, PhD,
  • Dr. Massimiliano Di Filippo, MD, PhD
  • Dr.ssa Valentina Durante, PhD - Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • Dr.ssa Michela Tantucci, PhD - Research Fellow
  • Dr.ssa Petra Mazzocchetti, BsSci, PhD - Student

Support Staff

  • Dr. Pasquale Nigro - Neurologist
  • Dr. Simone Simoni - Neurologist
  • Ilario Moscara - Nurse specializing in movement disorders
  • Michela Pelucchini - Nurse specializing in movement disorders
  • Mattia Lorenzi - Physical therapist specializing in treating movement disorders
  • Dr.ssa Viviana Lisetti - Psychologist
  • Dr. Nicola Salvadori - Psychologist

Services available at the Center for Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders:

  • Clinical assessment
  • Neuropsychological evaluation
  • Psychodiagnostic assessment
  • Genetic evaluation
  • Neurophysiological evaluation
  • Treatment with botulinum toxin

Other services available at the hospital

  • Radiodiagnostics (high-field MR and functional MR imaging, PET scans, DaTscans, MIBG scans)
  • Assessment for stereotactic surgery with a multidisciplinary team
  • Assessment for gastroenterological surgery with a multidisciplinary team

For more information

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Tel: 075-5781 (main switchboard), 075-5784228 (reception), 075-5784068 (ward), 075-5784344 e 075-5784017 (clinics)

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