Donating to the Fresco Parkinson Institute Foundation means funding basic and clinical research to understand Parkinson's disease and improve diagnostics and treatment. To guarantee scientific training and specialization in Parkinson's by training neurologists in Italy and in the United States. To give the Parkinson's patient the right to easily access high quality diagnoses, care and assistance.

How to support?

Private citizens and companies that are part of our cause can choose to help the Fresco Parkinson Institute Foundation also in the following ways.

Virtual gift

On the occasion of your anniversaries (baptism, communion, confirmation, weddings, birthdays, retirement, anniversaries, you can combine or replace gifts with a liberal donation to the Fresco Parkinson Institute.

Great Donors

The "Great Donors" are private individuals who offer individual support of particular importance to the research programs of the Fresco Parkinson Institute Foundation, even financing a whole project.
We guarantee personalized reporting on the use of donated resources, direct contact with the Foundation's management and the possibility, in some cases, to visit the research center to learn about the projects funded by the Fresco Parkinson Institute.

Testamentary legacies

Remembering the Fresco Parkinson Institute Foundation in a solidarity testament, even a small one, means carrying on your desire to do good for Parkinson's patients, offering a concrete example of social responsibility, keeping the memory of your gesture in the hearts of people you care for and developing a culture of the values of solidarity and gift-giving.
For more information on how to make a bequest in favor of the FPI, contact :
Tel: 055 598999 – email: info@frescoparkinsoninstitute.it

Your company can support the Fresco Parkinson Institute by implementing initiatives that can reconcile your strategic needs with social commitment.

Business Christmas

The Company may decide to donate the amount normally intended for gifts to the Fresco Parkinson Institute.
A gesture of solidarity that can be shared with employees, suppliers and customers with special Christmas letters.


The Cause Related Marketing initiative involves the association of the Fresco Parkinson Institute logo to a specific product, a product line or a service provided by the company.
Donation to the Fresco Parkinson Institute is represented by a percentage of sales or a pre-defined amount.


It is aimed at financing one of the initiatives or events that Fresco Parkinson Institute organizes to raise awareness and raise funds.

Employee involvement

The staff of a company can help support Fresco Parkinson Institute projects through a donation of work hours, volunteer hours or organization of charity events. It is a great way to strengthen the values of sharing and union.

Payroll giving

Through Payroll Giving, Company Employees can decide to allocate the equivalent of the compensation of one or more hours of work as a contribution to the projects of the Fresco Parkinson Institute.


It is the company's contribution equivalent to the total amount donated by the various employees who adhere to an initiative of the Foundation, to achieve a particular goal identified and shared with the Fresco Parkinson Institute.

For more information on how to donate write to: info@frescoparkinsoninstitute.it


Adopt a researcher

The Fresco Parkinson Institute offers young Italian neurologists and researchers the opportunity to specialize in the study and treatment of Parkinson's disease at the "Marlene and Paolo Fresco Institute for Parkinson's and Movement Disorders" at NYU Langone Health. Researchers carry out their research with great commitment and passion with the aim of finding more effective treatments for Parkinson's patients.

With the contribution, we can support:
Research grants to be carried out in 24 months for Italian neurological researchers in a national center of excellence specialized in the treatment and research of Parkinson's. The gross amount of the grant is 25,000 euros a year. Research scholarships for 24 months for Italian neurological researchers at New York University - Langone Medical Center. The gross amount of the grant is $ 70,000 a year.